Personal Brand & Image Development

People connect with people- we are more interested in following other people than following specific companies.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, an influencer, a government official, or someone looking to make a career or journey change, developing your personal brand will allow you to align who you truly are, who you want to be, your future ambitions, how people see you now and how they will see you later. It is a journey that allows you to identify what makes you unique and how relevant you are. It gives you a sense of purpose and helps build credibility and trust.

In essence, your personal brand is the sum of all messages, experiences, accomplishments, voice, image, outreach, and other touchpoints that make you relevant to your target audience.

Let us share the personal story of our Founder, Dania Haffar Bazzy.

“From a full time at-home mom, I embarked on my professional journey at the age of 40.
It was hard, but I defied the odds! I invested in myself and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. From my “mom-at-home” period I learnt to multitask, to manage challenging situations, AND to be human.

However, when I started my professional journey, I quickly realized that what I wanted people to see and recognize me for where not in line with how people see me or my potential. Building my personal brand, fine tuning my image, identifying brand messages, and creating my buz were necessary tools for success.

Working on my personal brand was the foundation of my successful journey!
Leveraging my personal journey and professional experience, I will work with you to you build a personal brand and image that sets you apart and one that people flock to.“

Personal Brand & Image Development - VisionBuz