Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital transformation has changed the way companies build their overall business model as digital has moved to the core of business thinking.

Digital strategies are the cornerstone of the overall business model as brands aim to maximize benefits with technology-based tools and resources.
Digital strategies revolve around the company’s online presence, online commerce and selling, engagement with clients and external stakeholders, marketing efforts, and mobile based solutions and integration.
We will work with our clients to revamp or build their digital identity and web presence and will review or develop all digital assets and networks, and advise on the optimal tools.
For social media strategies, our work starts by analysing audiences, their social media habits, their likes and dislikes, what motivates or revolts them, what channels they use, their locations and demographics, and their time preferences. After assessing the brand sentiment, we deep dive into the competition landscape through a competitor analysis, allowing us to devise a differentiating social media strategy.

We will guide your teams in the management, content build, scheduling, consolidation, and design, of all activity. Through an ongoing social media audit, we will constantly evaluate what is working, what needs to be boosted, revamped, tweaked or what needs to be discontinued.

Digital & Social Media Marketing - Visionvuz