Corporate Brand Development

The foundation of a successful business is the buy in and alignment of all stakeholders around the company’s objectives and brand promise. This can only be achieved through a well-articulated brand strategy that creates a differentiated and unique positioning, a positioning that is authentic and true to the company’s core values and ambitions.

At Visionbuz we sit with all stakeholders to understand the overall business strategy. Following a competitor analysis, a SWOT analysis, and a deep dive to identify the target audience and groups, we translate these insights into a differentiating brand positioning revolving around the vision, mission, values, brand persona, brand messaging, visual identity, and tone of voice.

Brand development should have a long-term perspective. However, it should not be rigid or static. Brand equity should be constantly evaluated and assessed so that it remains relevant and continuously captures the ambitions of the company.

Sense checking brand equity is, hence, of paramount importance to evaluate, refine and tweak the positioning so that the business strategy is in line with the brand promise and the evolving needs.
Corporate Brand Development - VisionBuz